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Custom Crotch Cooler with amber Swarovski Crystals
Custom Motorcycle Heat Shield with amber Swarovski Crystals

Engine Guard Cover Wraps

Mud Flaps

Ugly Goggles





Larry and Isabel



I have spent a lot of time on 2 wheels and often could not find things that would really work and hold up, as well as look good.

So pretty much out of necessity I have come up with a few ideas, and improved on existing products.

Captain Itch on the road 
So as you go through this site, you'll see drink holders which will mount about anywhere on your bike.

Heat has always been a problem while riding a V-Twin, so we came up with our heat shield, aka "Crotch Cooler", that really work and can be tooled or customized to match your bike. They are very easy to install.

With all our products looks and function are very important, so we make everything  very sturdy, by hand, and right here in the USA, the way things used to be made.

Isabel on the roadIf you are looking for some "BLING", just email Isabel, or call, and she'll see what she can come up with to customize your bike with leather, studs, colored studs, Rhinestones, leather lacing and name it.

Warranty: If you ever have a problem with any of our leather products, just send it back and we will repair or replace. And if you don't like what you ordered, send it right back and we'll refund your money.

A happy customer is our best advertisement.

Thank you,

Larry and Isabel

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High quality leather crotch cooler or heat shields. Captain Itch - Leather Biker Stuff
Crotch Cooler / Heat Shields
(Patent pending)

windshield cup holder
Windshield Cup Holder
(Patent pending)

leather cup holder for handlebars
Handlebar Cup Holder
with stainless steel mount

motorcycle cup holder for soft or leather bags
Clip-on Saddlebag Cup Holder for soft bags - no installation, just clip it on
(Patent pending)

Saddlebag Cup Holder for Saddlebag guards
(Patent pending)


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