Touring Fender Bib

This Touring Fender Bib with black chap leather overlay is made of one ply of beautiful buffed Bridle Leather. We glue and stitch 2-3 oz suede leather on the bottom side. Then we stitch both layers together, so nothing can scratch your bike. Then we sew a strip of our distressed tan leather on top to match your Captain Itch heat shield. There is a hole for the bottom screw, and on top is a strip of Velcro. It is available in black or Indian tan.

This Touring Fender Bib will fit your Indian Roadmaster, Vintage, Chieftain, Dark Horse and Springfield.

The care for your INDIAN Fender Bib with black chap leather is very important as it can curl when it dries out. Treat it like your best pair or shoes with a leather conditioner that contains beeswax like “Aussie” or “Skidmore” from Fiebing. The beeswax will repel water and protect from the sun rays. Keep a close eye on the leather.  Give it the TLC that it needs according to the climate you live in.

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