Engine Guard Wraps

These engine guard wraps are a very nice addition to dress up your bike.  We use 6 ounce chap leather for plain wraps that are stitched along the edge to prevent the lacing holes from pulling out and giving the covers a more finished look. All wraps come with laces.

We also have a design where we sewn on another strip of leather on top for a 3-dimensional look. You can add stainless steel studs or colored crystals to them to match your heat shield.

For those of you that have already a Captain Itch heat shield with alligator embossed or our Leather and Lace design, we also make engine guard wraps with a strip of these decorative leathers.

If you don’t have foot pegs and are not planning to get them,  just put your measurement of how much you want to cover in “upper”. Some only want to cover the kink where the bike falls onto. Others want to cover the whole length. It is up to your vision of what you want to achieve.

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