Crash Bar Covers, plain red in colorCrash Bar Covers, plain red in color

Plain Crash Bar Covers

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These covers are 4″ inches wide, which fits engine guards with 4″ circumference. The saddlebag guard wraps have a circumference of 3.25″. Please make sure you select the correct crash bar option.




This set of Plain Crash Bar Covers is a very nice a nice way to black out your bike or cover up scratches  on your chrome.  We use 6 ounce chap leather with a 1.25 inch strip sewn onto. The you can addd studs or crystals to match your bike.

It is very important that you measure correctly. If you have foot pegs, you will need the “upper” and “lower” part. When you order a quantity on “1”, you will get a total of four pieces.

If you don’t have foot pegs and are not planning to get them,  just put your measurement of how much you want to cover in “upper”. Some only want to cover the kink where the bike falls onto. Others want to cover the whole length. It is up to your vision of what you want to achieve.

We have seen different youtube videos on how to attach your Plain Crash Bar Covers that are not from us. We recommend to lace them on like you lace your shoes. Get a 5 gallon bucket to sit on and start on the top. Face the lacing towards you for that part. When you go back to tighten the lacing, turn the wrap around, so the lacing is on the inside.

Dimensions: For front engine guard wraps with studs, our standard width is 4 inches. For saddlebag guards it is 3.25 inches. If you have custom bars with a different circumference, please put that information in “notes for seller” during checkout.

For matching saddlebag guard wraps, click here.

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6 reviews for Plain Crash Bar Covers

  1. Admin

    The customer service reply from Isabel was fast and complete.
    I wanted to cover my Engine Guard completely and Isabel sent me two 36″ leather straps made of thick chap style material. Covers were punched at 1 inch intervals and sewn on all 4 edges.
    Have patience when installing, I chose to lace the bar off the bike. I took the entire weekend to lace and re-tighten. There are 72 holes and if you rush a job like this, it never goes well.
    My advice, don’t bother with the DIY method, Tandy leather will cost twice the price by the time you buy the required supplies and you only have one shot at it.
    Captain Itch guarantees his work, leave it to the pros.
    I’ve got one side done as of this writing…I’m off to finish the job.
    Thanks for your product and customer service.

  2. Admin

    I bought these over a year ago and they are not only still snug, they still look great! Have them on both my engine guard AND my saddlebag guard! More than worth it to have on when your bike hits the ground…and it WILL hit the ground eventually!
    Plain engine guard covers for Harley Nostalgic 49037-05A

  3. Admin

    Parfait sur toute la ligne….Very good choice for a perfect fit and a perfect look!

  4. Admin

    I bought a set for my 2017 Indian Chief Classic.
    The fit is great and the look and style are very nice.. much better looking than the Indian OEM leather covers, in my opinion..and makes my


  5. Joe McClain

    Not being a big fan of chrome, I ordered some leather engine and saddlebag guard bar wraps for my Indian Roadmaster. I like chrome, but prefer it to be an accent rather than the main attraction.

    So I ordered 22″ for the saddlebag guards and 18″ for the engine guards. Since my seat is black with white stitching, I went with the same scheme.

    If anyone is thinking about these, let me say these are high quality. Thick leather, solid stitching.

    Fairly easy to install, but tedious with all the lacing. A word of caution, if you have an Indian Roadmaster with lowers, you’ll either need new bottom clamps or alter your current ones, as the wraps add an inch of thickness to the bars.

    Recommending Captain Itch to anyone interested!

  6. Billy Mac

    The leather quality is outstanding. The plain black covers go well with the denim paint on my bike.

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