crash bar wraps with leather and lace or alligator embossed leather for Harley Davidson and Indian motorcyclescrash bar wraps with leather and lace or alligator embossed leather for Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles

Crash bar wraps with decorative strip

These engine guard covers have a strip of leather sewn on to match your heat shield from us with our Leather and Lace or Alligator embossed leather.  Available with black or white stitching.

They can fit the entire length or just a part of your guards. They come with black or tan laces matching the underlying leather color.

If you have foot pegs on your crash bars, please fill in the measurements for the upper and lower pieces below in the drop down menu. If you don’t have foot pegs, just fill out the “upper” part for the overall length that you need. These wraps fit engine bars with 4″ circumference, or saddlebag guards with a 3.25″ circumference.




This set of crash bar wraps with decorative strip is a very nice addition to dress up your bike.  We use the same material as on our heat shields. We have the Leather and Lace or alligator embossed designs. They come in different colors to match your motorcycle. Just look at the drop down menu.

It is very important that you measure correctly. If you have foot pegs, you will need the “upper” and “lower” part. When you order a quantity on “1”, you will get a total of four pieces.

If you don’t have foot pegs and are not planning to get them,  just put your measurement of how much you want to cover in “upper”. Some only want to cover the kink where the bike falls onto. Others want to cover the whole length. It is up to your vision of what you want to achieve.

We have seen different youtube videos on how to attach your Crash bar wraps with decorative strip that are not from us. We recommend to lace them on like you lace your shoes. Get a 5 gallon bucket to sit on and start on the top. Face the lacing towards you for that part. When you go back to tighten the lacing, turn the wrap around, so the lacing is on the inside.

Dimensions: For front engine guard wraps, our standard width is 4 inches. For saddlebag guards it is 3.25 inches. If you have custom bars with a different circumference, please put that information in “notes for seller” during checkout.



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