Honda VTX 1300 heat shield with StudsHonda VTX 1300 heat shield with Studs

HONDA heat shield with Studs

So far we only have a pattern for the HONDA VTX 1300. If you have a different model, please call Isabel at 931-653-4117 if you are interested to work with us on a new pattern.




This HONDA heat shield with studs is made of beautiful buffed bridle leather.  It has a ply of split leather (Suede) on the bottom, so nothing can scratch your motorcycle. Both layers are glued together with industrial cement and stitched around the edges. Then we  emboss it with our butterfly design, leaving a border to add studs or a tooled border.

In order to install your HONDA heat shield with studs you remove your seat. Take your heat shield and let some lukewarm water run over the top layer for about 30-60 seconds. Line up the opening in the heat shield on the frame so the tang of the seat can insert into the frame. Put your seat back on. The wings will stick out at first, but will “relax” the more you ride your bike with it.

The care for your leather is very important as it can curl when it dries out. Treat is like your best pair or shoes with a leather conditioner that contains beeswax like “Aussie” or “Skidmore” from Fiebing. The beeswax will repel water and protect from the sun rays. Keep a close eye on the leather and give it the TLC that it needs according to the climate you live in.

Please post your installed heat shield on our Facebook page. We love to see your bikes.

(Patent number D671,460)


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