Indian leather heat shieldIndian leather heat shield

INDIAN crotch cooler, plain

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The heat shield is made of two plies for leather.




This Indian heat shield is made of beautiful buffed bridle leather, and has a ply of split leather (Suede) on the bottom, so nothing can scratch your motorcycle. Both layers are glued together with industrial cement and double stitched around the edges.

This heat shield is available in black or tan and comes with black or white stitching. You have the option to add stainless steel studs to it.

In order to install the crotch cooler you remove your seat, put the seat guides through the cut out on the heat shield and tighten your seat back down. Pretty simple. (You may have to modify a little by cutting the leather under the seat, if you have a Corbin seat)

Over time the leather molds nicely around the frame of your bike like it has always been there.


11 reviews for INDIAN crotch cooler, plain

  1. Admin

    I have a 2016 Chief Vintage. The heat shield works great! I was very happy with the leather color because it is so close to my Indian Tan. It’s been very hot here lately in East Central Indiana and the heat shield made a huge difference. The leather is so thick, that it does not flop or flap in the wind. It looks great too. I highly recommend getting one.

  2. Admin

    Bought the crotch cooler for my ‘17 SF. Delivery within a few days. Installation was as advertised – easy! Quality of the product is awesome! Nice to see someone delivering a quality product at an affordable price exactly as advertised.

  3. Admin

    A great pleasure dealing with you all. I ordered late Tuesday, received shipping notification Wednesday, and received my crotch cooler Friday. The product quality is great, including the fit on the bike. It wraps perfectly, fits the shape of the tank, and installed in minutes.

    I wish I had more business to send you…hmmm…perhaps that Roadmaster I’ve been wanting!

  4. Admin

    Ordered my heat shield on Friday, received it on Monday. Easy to order, fast ship and a perfect fit. What more can one ask for. Thanks

  5. Admin

    I got my 2016 Indian Chieftain a few weeks ago and loved it…except for the friggin’ heat coming off both sides of the engine. The Kurya*** shields my dealer offered looked like they MIGHT work but the technician recommended the shields from Captain Itch instead so I called and ordered them. They came in and within 10 minutes I had them installed on my bike (pop the seat, line up the whole, the reinstall the seat). Took my first ride and after about a mile of riding, I decided that the Indian dealer should just include these as part of every Chieftain purchase. Yes, they are that good. The leather is thick so there’s no flapping in the wind but bendable enough to lay down correctly. They do NOT distract from the look of the bike at all and, in fact, look like they came with the bike. For $99, this has made me WANT to go ride my Chieftain in the 100 degree (HOT) July heat of Florida. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  6. Admin

    This was the best accessory I’ve put on my bike. Makes summer riding bearable in Charleston.The quality and attention to detail is fantastic. And the service was even better. Thank you Larry and Isabel!

  7. Admin

    The quality is very nice and goes well with my 2014 Chief, it blocks heat from the legs, perfect fit
    and it looks very good!
    Thanks Larry and Isabel for this and other quality product….for best communication and fast dispatch even for European customers.
    I would recommend all my friends and more…

  8. Admin

    Excellent product. Very fast shipping. Easy to install. Makes your ride a lot cooler!

  9. Admin

    The quality is very nice and goes well with my 2015 Chieftain! Has 3 benefits in my opinion: (1) it blocks heat from the rear jug, (2) the shape of it helps direct some air flow into the rear jug as well to help cool it, and (3) it looks good ! 🙂
    Thanks Larry and Isabel for an innovative and quality product.

    Danny C
    Frisco, TX

  10. Admin

    The heat shield is a wonderful product and works better than any heat shield I have had before.

  11. Tracy Thorleifson

    I live in Houston and commute to work by motorcycle year round. During the summer months I usually ride my DR650, because the rear cylinder on my Roadmaster bakes the ‘ol heuvos come summertime. Wanting to get more use out of the big bike, I ordered the crotch cooler 3 days ago. It arrived yesterday; installation was easy. It’s 90 degrees today in H-town, and the humidity is 90+%. Ordinarily this kind of weather is *sheer misery* on the Roadmaster, especially in stop and go traffic. But not anymore! The crotch cooler works *GREAT*! The leather is thick and stiff; color match is good; it doesn’t flop about at 75 mph, and it BLOCKS THE HEAT! I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

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