black Indian heat shield with black chap leather overlay and studsblack Indian heat shield with black chap leather overlay and studs

INDIAN crotch cooler with black chap leather overlay

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This heat shield is made of three plies for leather.




This Indian heat shield is made of beautiful buffed Bridle leather, and has a ply of split leather (Suede) on the bottom, so nothing can scratch your motorcycle. On top is another layer of black chap leather. All layers are glued together with industrial cement and double stitched around the edges.

This heat shield is available in black or tan leather with the desert tan on top.

In order to install the crotch cooler you remove your seat, put the seat guides through the cut out on the heat shield and tighten your seat back down. Pretty simple. (You may have to modify a little by cutting the leather under the seat, if you have a Corbin seat)

Over time the leather molds nicely around the frame of your bike like it has always been there.


3 reviews for INDIAN crotch cooler with black chap leather overlay

  1. Tom Oliver

    Heat shield is perfect and looks great…easy to install…

  2. Bill Alphenaar

    Bought this for my new 2020 Indian Roadmaster and had mechanic try to install it when I picked up the bike. He could not get it to fit – said it was too thick.

    • Admin


      please give us a call at 931-653-4117. Let’s see where we go from here. We work with dozens of Indian dealers that sell our product in their stores and install it. Wished the mechanic had called us so we could give him some pointers. So let’s figure out if you want to return it, or give it another try with some help from us.
      Thank you,


  3. Marc W

    I picked mine up at the Indian dealership in Sturgis SD. It was a 98* day. Popped my seat off in the parking lot and had it installed in 7 minutes. Lay the square hole over the tank tabs with the tabs “threading the needle” made the rest of that 98* much more enjoyable ✌🏻

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