Indian heat deflector with feather embossing and studsIndian heat deflector with feather embossing and studs

INDIAN crotch cooler with feather embossing

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The heat shield is made of two plies for leather.




The top in beautiful buffed Latigo leather, and has a ply of split leather (Suede) on the bottom, so nothing can scratch your motorcycle. Both layers are clued together with industrial cement and double stitched around the edges.

This black heat shield come with black or white stitching, and you have an option to add stainless steel studs to it.

In order to install the crotch cooler you remove your seat, put the seat guides through the cut out on the heat shield and tighten your seat back down. Pretty simple. (You may have to modify a little by cutting the leather under the seat, if you have a Corbin seat)

Over time the leather molds nicely around the frame of your bike like it has always been there.

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5 reviews for INDIAN crotch cooler with feather embossing

  1. Admin

    What an awesome product. So much better than I could have gotten at the Indian Dealership. Better quality, more detail and definitely more stylish.
    Customer service is also great! Isabel was a joy to deal with and my item was shipped and delivered within 3 days of ordering! AWESOME AWESOME AWSOME ! ! !

  2. Admin

    I bought this mid last summer and roads with it during the hottest days. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! This is the best invention since Polaris bought Indian!
    Well made, looks great, arrives quick, takes 15 mins to install. I have told dealers and riders about this. My Harley buddy turned me on to them.

    If ya’ don’t have one – get one!

  3. Admin

    I received the ordered shield for my 2016 Chieftain within 4 days. Husband installed it and I rode both days of the week-end in 90+ weather here in southern AZ. It was a huge difference! I didn’t realize the flaps blow up when going down the road, but they simply lie under the thigh area and protect legs from getting too hot. (they lie flat when not moving). This helps dissipate the heat (versus fixed shields) and is better for the engine. Highly recommend.

  4. Scott E Burrows

    Installed on my Indian Chieftain today. Have not had a chance to ride with it yet but looks great and looks like will block heat. Nice quality leather

  5. Randy (Brown Ealgle Leatherworks)

    I have these Crotch Coolers on both my Indians. I love them and highly recommend them to keep the heat off your right leg especially. They also have a tendency to funnel the air to the rear jug when in motion to aid in cooling I find. Great product and great quality.

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