Tank bib for Indian Roadmaster, Chieftain, Springfield, Dark HorseTank bib for Indian Roadmaster, Chieftain, Springfield, Dark Horse

Indian Tank Bib with Humming Bird embossing

Fits the touring models, except the Challenger and Pursuit.




This motorcycle tank bib is made of 2 plies of leather. There is beautiful buffed Bridle leather on top with a humming bird embossing and suede on the under side, so nothing can scratch your bike. You can choose between black and tan leather for your motorcycle tank bib and you have the choice between black or white stitching.

If you are interested in a matching heat shield with the same embossing as your tank bib,  please go to here.

If you cannot find it there, just call Isabel at 1-931-653-4117 and she will make sure that you get a matching tank bib, fender bib and heat shield set.

The same applies for a fender bib. Just call us or email Isabel at info@TennesseeHolsterCompany.com with your ideas.

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