Indian Scout heat shield with military emblem embossingsIndian Scout heat shield with military emblem embossings

SCOUT heat shield with Military embossing

The heat shield is made of two plies for leather.




This Scout heat shield heat shield with Military embossing  is made of beautiful buffed Bridle leather. It has a ply of split leather (Suede) on the bottom, so nothing can scratch your motorcycle. All layers are glued together with industrial cement and stitched around the edges.

This Scout heat shield with Military embossing is available in black leather only, with black or white stitching and you have an option to add stainless steel studs or colored crystals to it.

How to install your heat shield:

Take your seat off. Line up our heat shield with the hole where the seat connects with the frame. Put your seat back on. That’s it.

We are working on a matching fender bib, engine guard wraps, lever fringes and fork wraps.

If you have a custom paint job on your bike and can’t find the right color for an overlay, please let us know. We recommend to take your bike to the nearest Tandy Leather store. They supply leather crafters with a lot of products. Try to find a matching color and take it outside to your bike to see it in natural light. Make sure to tell the sales person that you want the leather to put on your bike and that it needs to have a UV coating, so the colors don’t fade in the sun and rain. All we need are 2 pieces 12″ x 12″. Call us and talk to Isabel or Morgan for further instructions.

Please feel free to upload your motorcycle pics with Scout alligator heat shield to our Facebook page. And for your entertainment, check out our media page.



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