Scout front fender mud flap.Scout front fender mud flap.

Scout front fender mud flap, plain

This is a Scout front fender mud flap. We have sewn a 2″ wide strip of heavy duty Velcro so you don’t have to drill any holes. We are selling this item for yours and it works really well.

Just make sure to clean the inside of the fender thoroughly with alcohol and let it completely dry before you stick the mud flap on.




This Scout front fender mud flap goes on the front fender and is made of beautiful buffed bridle leather.  You can add studs or a tooled border.

We do not supply any hardware for this Scout front fender mud flap. If the bottom of your fender is clear from any mounting bolts or screws, we recommend the Velcro option. Just clean the inside of your fender thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol. Let it dry. Then attach the mad flap.

If you have anything mounted on the bottom of your fender, you may be able to sandwich the mud flap between. Just punch or drill a hole to attach.

The care for your Scout mud flap is very important as it can curl when it dries out. Treat is like your best pair or shoes with a leather conditioner that contains beeswax like “Aussie” or “Skidmore” from Fiebing. The beeswax will repel water and protect from the sun rays. Keep a close eye on the leather and give it the TLC that it needs according to the climate you live in.

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Please post your installed heat shield on our Facebook page. We love to see your bikes.


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