Black Indian Tank Bib with feather embossingBlack Indian Tank Bib with feather embossing

black Indian Tank Bib with feather embossing

Fits the touring models, except the Challenger and Pursuit.




We make this  Indian Tank Bib with feather embossing of beautiful buffed bridle leather. You can choose between black and leather and black or white stitching. Every bib is backed with suede leather. Nothing can scratch your bike. We glue both layers together with industrial cement glue. Then we emboss the leather.

You can add studs or crystals to the strip.

This Indian Tank Bib with feather embossing will fit the big touring models like the Roadmaster, Chieftain, Springfield and Chief Vintage. Please do not order this Indian Tank Bib with studs if you have a Scout, Challenger, Pursuit or Chief Cruiser. It won’t fit.

Treat your leather like your best pair of shoes. Use a leather conditioner that contains beeswax like “Aussie” or “Skidmore” from Fiebing. The beeswax will repel water and protect from the sun rays. Keep a close eye on the leather and give it the TLC that it needs according to the climate you live in.

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