Crotch Cooler with cross embossing

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Available for Touring Models, Softails, and Dynas. For Sportsters, please send us an email with your inquiry, as we have to determine which pattern fits your Sportster.




Heat Shields…Crotch Coolers…call it what you will. It works. If you ride a v-twin then you know what a problem heat can be whether you are riding or sitting in traffic. We have come up with a product that will really help you out.

In order to install the crotch cooler you remove your seat, put the seat tang through the crotch cooler and tighten your seat back down. Pretty simple. The heat shield is make of #1 English bridle leather on top and suede facing your bike, so nothing can scratch. You can add a crystal for the cross.

(Patent number D671,460)

3 reviews for Crotch Cooler with cross embossing

  1. Admin

    Put this product on my Softail Slim, and it makes such a difference in any downtown traffic situation. It is great no feeling like I am standing over a camp fire. This product is worth every penny, and anyone would be foolish not to make this investment in riding pleasure.

  2. Admin

    I will say this much, I have looked all over for the perfect heatshield for my Harley. From hard metal to plastic to pleather to leather. I’ve seen them all and NOT ONE COMPAIRS TO THE QUALITY OF THIS PRODUCT. No brainer for the guy or gal who wants a superior product. Going to order a set for my wife’s Heratige asap.
    Chestnuts roasting on an open fire-NO MORE

  3. Admin

    I have looked for a long time for the perfect cooler. So many cheap junk. This is seriously no joke the best product you could hope to own. Buy with 1000% confidence.

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